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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Booklets Have Legs

It's not at all unusual to send a sample booklet to the head of marketing at a corporation and find that the person never got it ( or thinks they never got it). Even with all the mail going through the postal system inside and outside that corporation, the booklet most likely DID arrive at its destination and the envelope it was in DID get opened.

Then what happened to it??

Here's some probabilities:

* The gatekeeper (aka the secretary) opened the envelope, liked the booklet, and never passed it on to the intended person.
* The same gatekeeper opened the envelope, left the booklet sitting on his/her own desk, and someone else came by to look at it, inadvertantly walking off with the booklet.
* The booklet did get to the intended person, who took a glance at it, thought it interesting, and immediately got distracted to something else, leaving the booklet sitting in an ever-growing pile.
* The same scenario of the booklet sitting on the intended person's desk, when some guest to that work area spotted the booklet, picked it up to look at it, and inadvertantly or otherwise walked off with it.

And on and on and on.

You phone the intended person to do your follow-up, to hear "I never got your booklet." Your ideal response: "I'll be happy to send you another one. Look for a purple envelope. Let's talk next week."

In the meantime, the inadvertant 'borrower' of the original booklet loves it so much that you get a phone call wanting to know how much it'll cost to buy 5,000 customized copies of this great booklet they found somewhere, where they can't remember. You give a price after you get all the necessary details, and you've now made two sales to that same corporation.

Good thing that booklets often have legs.

Until next time,


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