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Friday, January 13, 2006

Make it Easy

How easy is it for people to do business with you? No, I really mean it. Do you have prospective clients jumping through hoops before they can write a check or enter their credit card information to get the great booklets you've got that are just what they want?

You would be correct if you said this blog entry is in reaction to an experience I had today. After a conversation with a wonderfully high-powered bright capable successful person about ways we could do some joint ventures, I went to that person's web site and could not believe the hoops I had to jump through in order to get up to the start line! My hunch is the person wanted to be as thorough as possible and, in my opinion and experience, went to overload. I almost bailed from the process several times. Granted that I am a very bottom-line person. However, there's lots of other people like me who I am sure would respond the same way.

This is so different from other experiences I've had, where making a payment was no more than 2 or 3 clicks from my arriving at a site, or getting a mailing address and the complete amount to send a check.

Make it easy for people to do business with you. Look at the experience through their eyes and see what you see.

Until next time,
Paulette - who is about to review her own site through new filters


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