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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Drinking It Up

" Some students drink at the fountain of knowledge- others just gargle."

I have no clue where this quote came from since it had no annotation were I read it. However, it did resonate for me when thinking about the many people who I am fortunate in knowing throughout any given time period in my business.

Have you been swishing around in your mouth the idea of doing a booklet, and have not yet swallowed the sweet nectar moistening your tongue? (oh this metaphor is just too terrific. I'm holding myself back now.) Does it taste so great that you can't wait to fill your glass with more? Or are you worried it tastes too good to be true, that the after-taste will be less wonderful?

The flip side of this is that you have the ability to provide your booklet readers the opportunity to sip from your fountain of knowledge. They can then decide, after they gargle a bit, how much more they would like to drink! You, of course, have an endless supply in your fountain, all that they could want and then some.

Drink up, everyone. This is a Good Addiction all around.

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