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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Booklet Manuscript Edits and I'm Done

Not a chance. You're only just beginning. I had a client tell me a variation of that this week. "I just need (want) your help with the writing and editing, and then I'll be fine."

Yeah, well, um, okay, if you really think so. There is no question that some people have beliefs that the writing side of this stuff is their biggest challenge, and I don't doubt that. In fact, the writing side, as important as I agree that it is, is the starting point. Yes, it's crucial to create the very best product you can, and choose the best materials to share with the reader. I do think just about anyone in any form of publishing will tell you that the product development side of it is the starting point.

So what's the rest of it? It's the marketing!!! It's lining up with your buyers. It's pricing and packaging. It's delivering the content in the best way for the client, in the most timely and cost effective manor.

Now, about that client who thinks that getting the manuscript written and edited is all that is needed? Well, I've already started dropping bread crumbs towards what's next in the process. That way it won't come as a total shock when the booklet comes back from the graphic designer and the printer. Our work is far from done.

Are you of the same belief as the client I cited? If so, treat yourself to some of the Rent-a-Brain services I offer because you'll have only yourself to thank for the experience. Those details are at http://www.tipsbooklets.com/services1.htm

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