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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cost to Do a Booklet

A common question voiced by newcomers to booklet authoring is "how much does it cost to do a booklet?"

A typical answer is "It depends."

There's variables to the process, choices to make, thoroughness to consider. Here's an overview:
  • Educating your self through products, consulting services, workshops
  • Editor and proofreader - length of booklet and related pieces
  • Graphic designer - how simple or elaborate, what else the designer does at the same time
  • Printer - number of copies, with how many ink colors, photography, other customization
  • Office support
  • Office supplies
You may not need all of this, and your mileage will definitely vary. That's the stuff we discuss when you get personalized attention in a one-hour "Rent-a-Brain" with me. Details are at http://www.tipsbooklets.com/index.php?page=services1.htm
That investment is guaranteed to save you unnecessary expenditures and unearth huge new revenue possibilities.

Like I said, it depends.

Until next time,
Paulette - wanting you to spend only what's necessary and bring in more revenue than you need



At 6:15 PM, Anonymous rosie horner said...

I really appreciate your realistic approach to doing a tips booklet. Your overview of the costs has made me feel that this is a reachable goal.
I am looking forward to the tips booklets I will be completing based on your insightful information you have shared in your workshop and the tips on this blog.
Your cost analysis is great for planning.


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