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Friday, November 16, 2007

DHL Could Have Sent a Booklet

DHL, a big courier service, delivered a book to me yesterday as a thank-you for completing a short survey for them. It was a 200-ish page special edition about bridging the culture gap. What made it a special edition was the first page was a message from DHL's CEO, talking about how DHL delivers in more than 210 countries everyday.

Of course this entire thing resonated big-time for me. It was confirmation that companies are still using publications as premiums for their business activities such as an incentive to answer a survey. It also said this is a company who gets it and has the budget and mindset for such a thing. And delivering to over 210 countries everyday tells me they literally have a substantial size universe.

It is basically rolling out a red carpet to contact them with suggestions for other information products that would support some particular campaign they may be doing in the future. A booklet has to be less expensive than a book, saving them money while still providing a gift. It might even be an audio CD as the premium, for listening to content when traveling, or some other product with tips.

What do you miss noticing that is right in front of you? What opportunities are delivered to your door, literally, that could be large sales for you? It's very likely I'll be in touch with DHL very soon!

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