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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"I'm Really a ...

...massage therapist, teacher, lawyer, mom, musician, doctor, life coach, writer, auto mechanic...NOT a salesperson."

Oh yeah? What about those ideas of yours that you got someone to accept the other day? Wasn't that selling them on something? Whether it was your student, spouse, patient, or client, you sold them an idea of yours. It was probably more than one idea at that.

You understandably have some opinions about sales and sales people. You also are headed into uncharted waters when looking at selling your booklets and other information products in bulk to corporations, associations, and web sites. You've never done it before. All you need is some knowledge and some nerve, and there you are, talking with someone who needs and wants what you've got, and is willing and maybe even eager to pay you money for it.

You've had payment for your ideas before. It may not have looked like money. A student accepted your ideas and rewarded you with improved performance and satisfaction -- yours and his. A spouse accepted your ideas and rewarded you with, well, whatever he or she thought was a good reward. And it goes on like that.

So yes, you really are a salesperson in addition to whatever other descriptors you use for yourself. And if the word "selling" or "sales" puts up some kind of barrier for you, then consider it "visiting" with someone, and "sharing" what you've got that they want or need. It may be a matter of semantics, or it may be this blog post was just the tool to help you accept the idea that your being involved with selling your booklet is a Good Thing.

Until next time,
Paulette - who does better at sales when not trying to sell

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