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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Variety Good, Confusion Bad

Many people who consider writing a tips booklet have a wide range of interests and expertise. You may be one of those people. I just visited the website today of one such booklet author. There's 6-7 completely different and seemingly unrelated subjects offered as topics for speeches, workshops, and products as the site sits now. I am concerned for this person, who is soon to be moving from corporate employee to entrepreneur.

There's several solutions to this situation, as I see it.
  • Find one theme to make an umbrella for the whole thing
  • Choose one or two areas and let go of the rest
  • Have a separate website for each area

An example of one way to handle this can be found at www.ParaPublishing.com
Look down the left margin and you'll find reference to Dan Poynter's other sites, about being an expert witness, cats, and parachutes and skydiving. Each of his sites has the links to his other sites. Dan has vast expertise in each of these areas and effectively presents that by having individual yet connected sites.

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