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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Booklets - Never, Ever Use Absolutes

How do you think your tips booklet reader feels when seeing a tip that starts with "Never ..." or "Always...?" While you obviously want to be emphatic in your advice about whatever it is, you're placing a big burden on the reader. Yes, that may sound like an extreme assessment. However, it sets a tone that is less than helpful or human.

There are exceptions to situations. And there are slip-ups. It can be a good goal to aim for consistency with something. Being absolute is another story.

Look back at your booklet. Start each tip with a verb, and a positive one at that, telling the reader what TO do. It's very likely that the verb is right there, following the absolute that's currently starting the tip. For example, "Always start your day with a smile." The tip is "Start your day with a smile." You know and I know that starting every single solitary day of a person's life with a smile is unlikely. This may seem like a nuance. It's more than that.

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