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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Booklets - Simple Slips Costing Substantial Sales

Imagine this -- you got your excellent tips booklet in front of a decision maker who could potentially buy hundreds of thousands of copies of your booklet, now. (Yes, those are real numbers.) The person loves the booklet, sees it fitting perfectly into a major promotional campaign at their company, and has the budget to make a purchase with you, now, today, this moment.

What does that person find in your booklet?
  • No telephone number at all
  • A generic email address (i.e. @gmail.com or @yahoo.com or @aol.com)
What do you think the odds are that the sale slipped right through your fingers and you never even knew why?

Make these simple corrections today.
  • Get a free or low-cost voicemail box so messages can be left for you if you have a "day job" and are not able to answer your phone during business hours or you don't want calls coming to your home phone and don't have a separate business line. There are people who will only buy from you once they can talk with you. After all, how likely would YOU be to place an order of thousands of dollars with a company you don't know without talking with someone first?
  • Establish an email address that has your website domain name in it. And check your spam filters on a regular basis. When someone has sent you an email, there is no real way to know it got to you, which is also why you must have a way to reach you by phone. Having a Contact Form on your website is not enough. You may not know if it isn't working, either.
It can be challenging enough to reach the right person who has the authority to and interest in buying your booklet for a company. Complete the process by making it easy for them to buy from you -- NOW.

Until next time,
Paulette - who was amazed to get resistance from a booklet author just this week about making these two changes in an excellent booklet


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