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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Booklets - Competitors and Other Myths

A recurring question that was voiced again today is some variation of "what distinguishes my booklet (or my tips in a collaborative booklet) from someone in the same business as mine in the same region as mine?"

I love that question each time it's asked. And it doesn't matter if the question comes from people with brick-and-mortar retail shops or solely service-based business owners. The answer is pretty much the same as far as I'm concerned.

As simplistic as this sounds, it goes like this: You will attract the client/customer/patient who is supposed to be yours. You will also connect with the media people who resonate best with you and you with them.

Without meaning to sound "woo woo" about this (which I am certainly not opposed to sounding), look back on how it's worked for you so far. More often than not, if someone else in your field seemingly whisked away a person you were also talking to, the odds are high that it would have been a mis-match for you with that client/customer/patient.

Your approach, your personality, your product line, the way you deliver your service, your world view, and more all contribute to who you are, inside and outside your business. You can write a tips booklet that is very similar to someone else's without ever infringing on anyone's intellectual property rights. You'll market yours differently, I promise you.

So rest well in the knowledge that the more people there are in your field, the less time you need to spend explaining to people what it is you do and what it is you offer. You can focus on how what you've got can positively contribute to the lives of the people who are yours to reach.

Until next time,
Paulette - thinking about the uniqueness in what sometimes looks similar


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