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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Less is More, One More Time

How many ezines do you get every day with 1500-2500 or more words in them? And how many 100-page ebooks are being offered as bonuses for your purchase? Plus look at the long 10-or-more page sales letters on websites. Information overload at its finest, or maybe at its worst.

I couldn't help but think about what a strong benefit statement this becomes for tips booklets and their derivatives. Little bits of mouth-watering information, easily digestible, and leaving the reader wanting more. Sounds like the ideal meal, doesn't it? That's the perfect framing for the bulk buyer of your booklet. When that buyer provides your booklet as a bonus or incentive, the end-user gets useful information in a form that is respectful of their time and other demands. It leaves the reader with a conscious or subconscious positive opinion of the company that provided the booklet, and to you for writing it to begin with.

Remember to remind your prospective bulk buyers of this beautiful benefit when bringing booklets to them.

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