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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Private Labeling to a New Market

Do you find yourself selling your booklets to a particular industry, or wanting to expand your market to focus on a particular industry? How about creating a private label website specific for that industry or profession? It's a fairly common idea, and one I hadn't seen done within our community of booklets.

I've recently seen two models of this in other areas, just not with booklets. There's a guy who has a private labeling on a shopping cart for ecommerce on websites. You can see it at http://tinyurl.com/2z5kc The name he has on it is not the same name as the generic name the developers have on it. He just private labeled it for his own clients. Then today I saw an insurance company who did a private label for a professional association. The acronym for the association was at the beginning of the website's address name.

Can you customize your generic booklets for teachers or chiropractors or speakers or any other population? If so, and you feel it makes sense, consider creating a site for that field only. It won't keep you from selling your booklets to anyone else. It will open up new markets for you.

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