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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Booklets as a Way Out

Many booklets authors (you're probably one of them) look at booklets as a way out. It's a way out of earning money in exchange for time. It's a way out of certain aspects of customer service. It's a way out of having to be articulate and brilliant every waking moment. It's a way out of keeping someone else's schedule.

In lots of definitions, yes, it is a way out. And, like everything else, it needs to feed a part of you in order to sustain you and it. For you, it may need to be interesting, lucrative, motivating, comforting, easy, varied, unlimited, and a few other things. Only you know (or discover) what those requirements are.

It reminds me of the whole conversation about whether a move to a new location or a change in a relationship is going from or going toward something. I've done both and you probably have, too.

Developing, marketing, and selling products might look like a way out for you if you're feeling limited and burdened by either a solely/primarily-service business or by being employed by someone other than yourself. No question that there are many rewards in product development. Don't be surprised, however, when you notice that it could be just different challenges, easier challenges, more satisfying challenges, and challenges nonetheless. These challenges are probably a whole lot more manageable.

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