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Monday, January 29, 2007

Be in a Book without Writing a Book

I'm frequently asked how I promote my booklets and my business. The list is a long one of the various methods used during the past 15 years. One of those ways is by having my story included in someone else's book. I'm in over a dozen other people's books. They wrote or compiled the book, dealt with publishing it, and promote it. The tradeoff in these situations is free publicity for my business, and it definitely has been that. It's brought many sales of my products and services over the years.

Then the question is how do you get into these books. Part of it is by staying alert to opportunities as they present themselves. Other times it's a matter of searching for the opportunities. Here's a few regular queries to get you started.

Dan Poynter has two newsletters. One is devoted spcifically to marketplace requests. You can receive this newsletter freeat

Another place people look for contributors is the forum at http://www.WritersWeekly.com

It's a great way to be in a book without the hassle of writing a whole book.

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