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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Business Lessons from My Dental Hygienist

My dental hygienist recently left the general dental practice where I'd known her for 6 years, and went to work at a periodontal practice. She is solely responsible for dramatically improving and maintaining the health of my gums during this time. I like her, and I am grateful for what she's done. Yesterday I called to make an appointment with her for the first time at the new office, to learn the price in that specialized practice would be twice what I'd been paying at the general practice. Not acceptable, yet somewhat understandable.

She phoned me today after hearing of my unwillingness to pay the new price and left me an excellent message. She gave me some options, including seeing her once a year instead of my pattern of every other month, and she offered to look for another hygienist for me. Talk about customer service!

Her approach reminded me of the fact that there are always options to offer people in our own businesses. Someone may want more than they are willing (or able) to pay. What choices can you give them, to keep them happy and to keep them in your universe? You never know what they will decide in the future, especially after you've treated them so well.

Until next time,
Paulette - impressed by the options



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