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Friday, August 31, 2007

Transitions with Booklets

It's a common situation for people to see booklets as a tool for transition. And in fact it definitely can be. Many future booklet authors come to my products, classes, and consultation with exactly that in mind. Here are a few scenarios:
  • Going from employee to self-employed, seeking an easy bridge for that
  • Shifting the balance from time-for-money to product-for-money in a business
  • Using past experiences to create something during retirement or disability
  • Scheduling flexibility for earning while home with children/other care giving
  • Finding a non location-sensitive income source, for traveling or relocating
I personally made a cross-country move in 1996 without missing a beat in my business and I've seen others do the same thing. My booklet was originally written because the sales cycle was getting too long for workshops and consulting, negatively impacting my cash flow and my life!. Others have wanted to stay home rather than travel so much to work (i.e. speakers and consultants). Booklets are ideal for that. The flip side is that other people want the flexibility to travel for business and/or pleasure, and still need/want to generate income. Completely do-able with booklets.

Yes, a little 16-page booklet can do all of that, and more, once you get the booklet done!

Until next time,
Paulette - who took two of the most wisely-invested weeks of her life to write a booklet in 1996



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