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Friday, August 03, 2007

Pre-production Sales

You have a whole product line in mind, whether it's a series of booklets, a range of formats, or just getting your first booklet written. There are many situations where products (whether information products or otherwise) are marketed and sold before a single thing has been done to start the production.

There's several reasons why this is done. Here's a few:
  • Test the market for interest before putting time and money into development
  • Generate income to fund the development
  • Seal a bigger deal with multiple products, only some of which have already been produced
You can do this verbally, by suggesting other products or formats. Or you can do it visually, by producing a printed product sheet, developing a page on your website, or both. You must be clear about the terms of payment and delivery to remain legal and within integrity. By receiving a client's money, you agree to deliver by a certain date otherwise return their money or renegotiate the delivery date.

This can be an ideal way for you to create and expand your product line and your bottom line.

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