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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Formats and Crossover

Some content crosses over to other formats and some does not. I frequently suggest developing your content at least as a booklet, and audio CD, and a card deck, plus a downloadable PDF, MP3, and autoresponder series.

The reality is that not all content can successfully make that trip from one format to another. Imagine a booklet about exercise for staying healthy sitting all day at your computer. Ideally it needs some illustrations attached to the text. Yes, you can explain the exercises out loud. Some people will be able to follow those verbal instructions and others will not. The visual presentation will probably be more effective than an audio presentation without the visuals.

The same is true for a booklet on handwriting analysis. Talking about how a "t" is crossed or how fat the loop is below the line on an "f" are better presented visually than by audio.

Once you realize where your content fits, do everything you can to exploit that medium. Visuals can be produced in booklets, PDF's, card decks, autoresponders, and anything else that accepts printing. Audio can be done as a CD and an MP3 and as podcasts, audio sound bites, and many other audio applications.

Keep looking and listening beyond the obvious. You'll find all kinds of surprises there!

Until next time,
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