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Monday, July 23, 2007

You're an Expert, and ...

... people do whatever they decide to do in spite of your best suggestions to them.

Whether you are an author, consultant, speaker, coach, or other flavor business owner, you have a body of knowledge that you share with those who say they want it. You know, at the core of your being, that what you are suggesting works. You pass it along in any format that you do, eager for the recipient to experience the same joy from the results that you know they can.

And what do they do? They do it their own way. Yes, of course free will is important. Yes, of course you want to treat people as intelligent and mature human beings who can make their own best decisions for themselves. Yet you know they are about to stab themselves in the foot by taking that other fork in the road.

You know your advice is good, and that they can benefit by what you've got. What can you do?

Let it go. They will either realize the error of their ways and make a shift (including coming back to you later and saying the wiser choice would have been to do what you said), or they will get the results they get.

You've done everything you can do.

Until next time,
Paulette - wondering why people would challenge a successful formula

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