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Monday, July 09, 2007

Promote Your Booklet in Trade Publications

While working on a project to create a marketing plan for an author client, I was reminded of a number of things I'd forgotten. It's so rewarding to have those things brought back into my awareness. One of the things was the reminder that many buyers of premiums and incentives to prompt more sales comes from things the decision maker reads in trade publications within their industry. That reminded me, also, about the section in most of those publications that is devoted to New Products. That New Products section is an editorial review or mention about some recent relevant arrival in the marketplace. It is not paid advertising.

Look for trade pubs that make sense to announce your product. Position it as a premium or incentive, which is anything imprinted with company information as used as a promotional item. And send it along to whoever is the contact person for that section of the trade publication.

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