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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Booklet in a Month

One of the newest booklet authors did it the way it definitely can be done, and it's only the beginning of her story.

I was the guest speaker in late May for the Washington, DC chapter of the National Speakers Association. Among the attendees that morning was Charlette Manning. Charlette immediately "got it" about booklets, and the Universe has conspired to support her success already.

She wrote the booklet, The Business of Forgiveness, thinking it would be good to have ready for the big annual conference of the National Speakers Association here in San Diego this week. I initially told her it would be close, time-wise, to go from start to printed booklets in that time frame. It could happen, and it would be close. She realized it would work out the way it was supposed to, let go of stressing about it, and just put "one foot after the other" to do the part that was hers to do.

As I said, the Universe conspired to support her success. She wrote the draft of her booklet in early June, and got it into my hands to edit pretty quickly. That happened that fast on my schedule because someone else delayed a project with me, opening up some time. Charlette approved my edits with basically one pass of the manuscript. We got it into the hands of Victoria Vinton, our graphic designer, who was able to do it because some other project got delayed for Victoria. Charlette approved it with one pass of the manuscript. We got it into the hands of one of our printers, who was able to schedule press time right away to run it, and delivered the 1,000 copies to my office the day before Charlette arrived in town for the conference. Pretty good so far, right? That was basically one month from start to finish. But wait, there's more!

Yesterday Charlette told me she put a copy of her booklet into the hands of Mark Victor Hanson of the "Chicken Soup" books fame while at the NSA conference. I can't wait to see what Charlette does next!! Can you?

You can purchase a downloadable version of her excellent booklet at the ebooklet catalog at www.tipsbooklets.com

Until next time,
Paulette - happy to be part of the Universe that is conspiring for success

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