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Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Sale is a Sale Leading to a Sale

A big company places an order of 100 copies or 500 copies or 1000 copies or even 250,000 copies, and you wonder why that's all they ordered. You know they have a universe of hundreds of thousands or millions, yet they placed this small order.

It can be because they are testing. They are testing the responsiveness to offering your booklet as a promotional tool to sell more of a particular product. If the response is good, they can come back and order many more.

Or it can be because they are attaching that booklet as a gift to a particular campaign or effort that has a very small universe. They decided they wanted to use the booklet as an incentive for their own staff to complete a questionnaire.

Ask your buyer how they are using your booklet so you can gain insights about what to anticipate for future business with them. Plus you may learn about a new application for your booklet in the process. One company who bought several thousand copies of my booklet used the booklet to thank people for letting the company know they were getting duplicate mailings of promotional pieces. Giving the booklet as a gift was much less expensive than continuing to send duplicate mailings to people.

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