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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Marketing a Networking Booklet

This news release was done by one of the participants in the recently-created Collection of Experts on Networking. Each participant in the booklet markets all the others in the booklet each and every time the booklet is sold or distributed in any way. Sharan Tash of the Chicago area was the catalyst for this booklet to happen, and took the initiative to write and send out this release. She gets it about how this can all work! You can participate in a booklet like this, too. Ask me how.


Secrets To Boosting Your Business Success >From Experts That Know

Does the thought of networking send you into a panic? Would you like an easy to read format for strategic networking success? Do you want to learn what other business professionals have already learned and are willing to share? The Professional Networker ®, Inc. and The Booklet Queen have collaborated with several "networked" business people to bring networking tips to everyone in the form of a Tips Booklet.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 26, 2007 -- Sharan Tash, the originator of "Boomerang Networking"™, and Paulette Ensign, founder and chief visionary of Tips Products International , have published a tips booklet on how successful business professionals have made referrals and networking a primary marketing strategy for growing their businesses. Each networking professional provided tips on what has worked for them in their industry and personal life, along with contact information for themselves and their business.

62 Tips are provided in this booklet with 5-6 tips by each of the following professionals:

  • Sharan Tash - The Professional Networker, Inc - from Wilmette, IL
  • Paulette Ensign - Tips Products International - from San Diego
  • Tom Huberty - Huberty Performance Learning, LLC - from Minneapolis
  • Tripti Kasal - Real Living Infinity - from Chicago
  • Dean Klassman - Klassman Financial - Arlington Heights, Illinois
  • Pam Perry - Ministry Marketing Solutions - Farmington, Michigan
  • Shirley Poll - The Family Care Givers - from West New York, NJ
  • Susan Reid - Alkamae - from Laird, Virginia
  • Nicki Shuh - Heartfelt Charity Cards - from Libertyville, Illinois
  • Anna Maria Viti-Welch - Guy Viti Insurance - from Highwood, Illinois
  • Anne Wayman - Anne Wayman - from San Diego

"There are so few people that truly get the basic concept of giving first in strategic relationship networking. Collaborating on this project was a natural segue not only for my business, but for showcasing some of the true givers in the business networking community. By helping these great connectors become published, I am giving first without asking for anything in return," said Tash.

Ensign adds, "Teaching people to transform their knowledge into booklets and other information products for marketing, motivating, and making money is a great tool for busy professionals that want to share their knowledge."

To learn more about The Professional Networker® and Boomerang Networking™, or to learn about the power of Tips Booklets and how to use them as a marketing tool, contact Sharan Tash at 847-571-0338 , sharan @ TheProNetworker.com, sharan@sharantash.com or Paulette Ensign at 858-481-0890 or paulette @ tipsbooklets.com.

Copies of the booklet can be purchased by emailing one of the authors above.

"I have no right to ask you for anything unless I have first helped you in some way."

Sharan Tash – Professional Speaker

The Pay It Forward Relationship Networker

The Professional Networker, Inc.



NAWBO-Chicago President’s Award Winner - 2007

NAWBO National Rookie of the Year - 2004

NAWBO-Chicago Board of Directors

Chicagoland Chamber Ambassador

National Speaker’s Association-Illinois Chapter – Membership Chair

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