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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Booklet Author Pushes Rock Uphill

This morning's email brought the following from a booklet author who is a successfully published book author (several times over), who has been struggling with writing a booklet, and has finally seen things from a different perspective.


I am so grateful to you for this terrific idea. I didn't realize how valuable it would be to me until last evening. I had a call from a TV guy in London doing a documentary on my topic. I think I told you earlier. We have been corresponding by email rather than phone due to the 8 hour difference in time. But last night I realized that if I sent him a PDF of my booklet that it would be so much better than sending him a copy of my book. First it would get there immediately, second it wouldn't cost me anything, and third and most important of all he can get a bird's eye view of my system in just a few minutes. You can't do this with the book. You'd have to read at least the first four chapters to get the over-all picture. I'm really happy about this. I'm glad I stuck with it. It was really hard for me to think in this way. Thanks again.


I rest my case.

Until next time,
Paulette - thanking my clients for teaching me patience

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