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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's All About Me ...NOT!

This week brought an email from a booklet author, asking for support in the new venture of starting a blog. Now I know many people really do like to be helpful, as long as they aren't asked for "support" each and every time they get an email from you. This client enjoys using that phrase, I've noticed. That was not the biggest infraction, however.

The email was heavily peppered with "I," "my," and "me." There were very few times I saw the word "you." I have told this client about such leanings in the past. Clearly, it hasn't sunk in.

Why does any of this matter? Well, think about this: you are on the receiving end of such an email, from someone who wants to introduce you to their booklet. THEIR terrific, fabulous, outstanding (and continue adding an endless list of superlatives) booklet that they spent endless hours creating in their busy life because they wanted to get the word out there, etc. and so forth. At no time does the person mention how the booklet can be helpful to you. That's what matters, and, in fact, is the only thing that matters. How can the booklet be helpful to you? It is all about the recipient, not the sender.

This booklet author is shooting booth feet at the same time, and is likely to never know why the sales are not coming. A pity, to be sure. The only thing your prospect needs to know about your booklet and any of your other products and services is how those things can be helpful to them. It doesn't matter how many or how high the mountains were that you climbed to produce the booklet. It is all about the recipient, not the sender. Period, end of story.

Until next time,
Paulette - who knows it's about you, not me

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