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Thursday, October 25, 2007

All Is Well Here in San Diego

In an unusual diversion from the topic of booklets, I want to thank the many people nationally and internationally who took a moment to express concern about my safety and well-being with the recent fires here in San Diego this week.

Fortunately I was little more than inconvenienced for 48 hours in a mandotory evacuation, representative of the stellar job the authorities did in this extreme circumstance. Many lives and properties were saved because of this. Some long-time dear friends of mine hosted me in their lovely home, while my cat stayed behind. I was confident all would be well and, in fact, it has been. I live 2 miles from the beach. The worst of it right here is a lot of ash all over the place. The air quality is improving and things are getting back to some normalcy for much of the area yesterday and today.

There are still large fires raging, to the east and north of San Diego. Our good thoughts are with the people who must rebuild their homes and their lives.

Until next time,
Paulette - ready to get back to work


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