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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You Just Never Really Know

You just never know the impact you have on someone's life. Yes, a booklet can do that. A consultation with a client this week brought a lump to my throat as I shared the impact one tip in her yet-unfinished booklet had on me when I read it. The tip was simply this: "Keep your "I Love You's" current." Six words stopped me in my tracks. I found myself thinking of everyone and anyone who matters to me - family, friends, associates, neighbors, and others I know - reflecting on when the last time was that I told them I love them. A very powerful six words for me, and now very likely for you, too.

Yes, indeed, a booklet can do that. It can be easy to lose track of the power of your knowledge when you find yourself saying and writing it a lot as part of your work. And this example is one of thousands out there, yours among them. It doesn't take a large volume of words to make a strong impact. Value your words. Others do.

Until next time,
Paulette - catching up on my "I Love You's"



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