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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Example for Selling Your Booklet from Your Site

When booklet authors ask about good ways to sell their booklet from their site, I'm often concerned that their approach will be kept to selling single copies as a download. Following the link from a booklet author's ezine today, I discovered an excellent example of how to offer a booklet as single copies, bulk sales, and with customization. You can see that at the following link.

By the way, on a personal note, four years ago this author and I met for what we thought was the first time, when I spoke at a conference she attended in Boston. Three years ago, we discovered that, in fact, we had gone all the way through high school together in southern New Jersey. I saw her name on the emails coming through about our 40th reunion, looked in my yearbook, and yes, we had gone through high school together. Talk about a small world!! We both chuckle about how this unfolded, much less that I still had my high school yearbook.

Now, go see what she's done with her booklet.

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