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Monday, May 12, 2008

Enough Credentials to Write a Booklet

The conversation about credentials came up over the weekend. A colleague is looking at what's next on the career path, incorporating years of various related experiences, and taking it all to the next level. I connected the dots in a way that focused on what I saw as strengths and interests, and what I thought was a healthy yet not paralyzing stretch. Within the reply I got back was reference to not having the kind of credentials I have.

This is not a new conversation among clients and colleagues. The piece that is either forgotten or not known is that I didn't have credentials when I started selling my booklet in 1991. Yes, the booklet is about organizing and I had been a professional organizer. However, when I started selling the booklet, it was just that. I was starting.

It's years later that over a million copies were sold, and thousands of people around the world know of this booklet work. And I didn't know what I was doing when I first started. My credentials were no more than my thinking I could do it, and doing it. That was it! I did the same thing when I became a professional organizer in the early 1980's, before that industry had a certification program, and even before a professional association had been formed.

Yes, some technical or scientific or medical topics do require some credentials if you're getting into the depths of those area with recommendations. That's often been presented as a collaboration of someone who has had personal experience, combined with someone who has had professional training. That could be a patient and a doctor, for instance.

I ended the reply to my colleague over the weekend by saying "I'm not sure that you will ever feel you've got enough credentials." I personally see it as a reason for not just jumping into the pool and starting to swim.

Until next time,
Paulette - who left fields requiring credentials a long time ago

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