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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Booklets for Nurses

Google alerts are a wonderful tool. They send an email to you telling where something has been written about that includes whatever key words you choose. That's an easy way for me to see who is writing about booklets, tips booklets, tipsbooklets.com, and Paulette Ensign, for instance.

This week I saw a Google alert about a tipsbooklets.com client, Jackie Brookman. She's written several booklets after her "65 Tips for Foreign-born Nurses Working in American Hospitals" that I knew about.

Here's what a Google alert looks like, arriving in your email inbox. Oh, and visit Jackie's site to see how she's selling her booklets and if you have any interest in nursing.


Google Blogs Alert for: "tips booklets"

An Unresolved Conflict affects the Team
By supportfornurses
... a nurse can do—particularly one who is
committed to providing good patient care!
Want more good tips and strategies, check
out SupportForNurses.com excellent, top
quality Tips Booklets!


Until next time,
Paulette - always delighted to see what my clients are doing

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