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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Handing Out Booklets

A client handed me a booklet over the weekend at an event we attended. The booklet had been well written, well designed, and well produced. The client said the booklet had been handed out to many people. Just from the way that message was conveyed, I could tell the author had not yet tapped going after large quantity sales and was disappointed the free distribution hadn't prompted sales. Upon further inquiry, my suspicions were confirmed.

Keep in mind that there are definitely valid times to hand out a booklet. Those valid times include doing it intentionally, to people who are likely to become bulk buyers and view that free booklet as a sample for review. It has to be planned rather than having a shotgun approach. The no-cost samples need to go to those who matter in the business context. They can be decision makers or influencers and have some connection with the content. It makes no sense to give the best booklet in the world about backyard in-the-ground vegetable gardening to a population who lives mostly in high rise apartment buildings.

So yes, distributing samples to a well-chosen group of people makes sense. Casting seeds randomly on a wish and a prayer makes minimal sense.

Until next time,
Paulette - who gave up vegetable gardening twelve years ago for the warmth, beach, and wonderful produce readily available in the stores of southern California



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