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Friday, April 25, 2008

Pricing Your Booklet

The following query was in this week's issue of a newsletter for professional speakers:

A client wants to buy copies of my booklet for all 300 attendees. It usually sells for $12. I said I would give them a discount, but didn’t say how much. What are people usually doing in instances like this?

My reply:

I saw your query. You're asking a question in which I've had 17 years of experience as my complete business, and have sold over a million copies of my own booklet during that time. First of all, there is no "usually" about this, even when it seems cut and dried wholesale discounting. Your client could be pleased as punch to have as small as a 10% discount off the $12, or be expecting and hoping for a 50% discount.

My suggestion is to view this as part of a larger picture, coming at it from a couple different directions. I'd start with a 10% discount. If your client balks, first ask what price she/he had in mind, and determine in your own mind if there's a reason for you to live with that. If so, one way to finesse a drop in price is to come back to the client with the news that you were able to bundle their order with a larger one for someone else, allowing you to give this client the benefit of the larger print run. In my opinion, this is admittedly a harmless white lie that allows everyone to have what they want.

It's wonderful that you are able to expand your speaking fee with this sale of your booklet. However, 300 copies is a small bulk sale for what's possible out there. I go into this in great detail in my flagship product, "How to Promote Your Business with Booklets," found at http://www.tipsbooklets.com/index.php?page=prodlist.php&p=285&c=12


Until next time,
Paulette - expanding the pie

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