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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Booklet Publicity Then and Now

Social networking opportunities, individual wikis, and article directories on people's sites can be overwhelming and overpowering to some of us, myself included. And I'm someone who enjoys marketing, unlike lots of people I know.

For the briefest of moments, I paused this morning to consider my earliest foray into marketing my booklet and the previous business that prompted that booklet. My first efforts, in 1991, were getting excerpts of my booklet into articles that magazine editors would write for their magazines. Yes, it, too, was time consuming to gather the contacts, mail out the booklet and cover later, and wait to see who published what and when. Based on today's standards, that process reached many fewer people than online marketing could ever do. And yet I sold about 50,000 copies of my printed booklet, one at a time.

I remember feeling like it took all day every day to get that ball rolling. And it did. Today there are many ways to streamline the entire process. Yet it can still take all day every day if you (or I) allow it. We are all wiser today, if not more frantic, in utilizing electronic and human resources. And for those folks like me who are admittedly late adapters of technology, my best bet is to do what I can and delegate the rest. There is no way any of us can eat the entire elephant without having a major upset stomach in the process!

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