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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Too Little, Too Much, or Just Right

Writing the title of this blog, I realized the scope of what that title encompasses, no pun intended. Your booklet can feel like it's too little an amount of information to you, yet be just the right amount for your reader. The reverse is true. You can write a larger document that feels just right to you, and way too much for your reader. It comes down to the old "it depends" response.

I was also thinking about schedules, especially for solopreneurs. Many people in my life tend to be busy, busy, busy, to the point of overload and "too much" by their own admission. There are others who are not busy enough, looking for the next project or the next connection or the next whatever, prompting "too little."

Somewhere in all of this is "just right." And "just right" is often a fleeting moment or one particular product among an entire product and service line.

The bottom line here is choices. You and I usually have the ability to choose, from moment to moment, about our schedules and about our products. Let's collectively keep that in mind.

Until next time,
Paulette - pondering some interesting choices


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