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Monday, June 23, 2008

What Not to Say - An Invite for Booklet Authors

In the past week I've seen two different article titles starting with "What Not to Say When ..." One was written by a booklet author who has been a client of mine and it showed up in a print magazine. The other was on CNN.com about what not to say during a job interview.

I see both of these articles as an excellent starting point to connect or reconnect with large-quantity buyers who may be hanging out in indecision in their purchase with you. In fact, I just emailed a booklet author client of mine who wrote an excellent booklet on tips for job hunting an recruiting. Referencing the CNN.com article of what not to say, then lead into pointing toward your own booklet going way beyond that, to help people in knowing what TO do in a similar situation. In this case, it would be about job hunting and interviewing. You know I am fond of giving people suggestions on what TO do rather than what NOT to do.

Use what the media gives you as yet another tool in your toolbox for communicating with clients and prospects. It's all right there once you notice it.

Until next time,
Paulette - grateful for gifts, regardless of their source

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