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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life Without Email

Whether it's traveling to a place where there's no connection, or being at the mercy of a regular server that's gone down, or life events pushing online connectivity out of the way, it can be hard to imagine life without email. I've been reading more and more marketing experts talk or write about reintroducing OFFline marketing into the mix as a way to be seen, noticed, and distinguished from among the crowd. Yes, it's more effort, more money, and less immediate than online marketing. However, the past 24 hours in my own world have made the point.

Apparently the particular server on which my business' email is hosted has been the victim of someone's major spamming efforts. The result is that my regular email has been sporadic at best with both incoming and outgoing email. Yes, I do have some alternatives with gmail addresses that I can use. However, I have basically no access to the email coming to my main business address until this gets resolved by the host company. It's an eye-opening and humbling experience, at the very least, not to mention frustrating and annoying.

It reminds me of the many years I lived in the Northeast and would periodically lose electricity because of a storm. Soooo many things are powered by electricity.
We don't do storms in San Diego.

No doubt this will be fixed soon. In the meantime, I'm thinking about what offline ways make sense for marketing booklets and other related products these days, with a sense of back to the future -- 1991 here we are again!

Until next time,
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