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Monday, June 09, 2008

Booklets and the Economy

I wrote my booklet in 1991, when the US economy was very much like it is now. It was in reaction to the sales cycle getting slower and slower for the workshops and consulting that provided my income at that point. There are so many more possibilities today to sell and license information than there were in 1991. For one thing, you (and I) were not yet online and the Internet had yet to appear. Hard to imagine, isn't it? Yet completely true.

Beyond not having the luxury of jumping on the "bad economy" bandwagon, it provides all kinds of opportunities to do it different. You can re-tool your content into other formats, choose different content that people are more likely to want, approach different markets than you have been, or all of the above.

The economy is what it is. It's not good and not bad unless you label it that way. It's merely a time to do things differently.

Until next time,
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