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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Renewable Booklet License

A booklet author sent an update last night that not only confirms much of what I've been saying for years. It also put another spin on things, definitely worth sharing with you.

The author sent a pdf of the booklet to a prospective bulk buyer. The department it went to decided they had enough materials on the particular subject. They gave the booklet pdf to their resource center. The resource center is like a library. People can check out materials. The resource center was interested in only one copy, but said the magic word in their email reply - "database."
The booklet author told the contact they could do a licensing deal so they could keep a copy in their database for their patrons to access. The deal would be for one year. The contact liked the idea, and asked if the deal could be renewed every year. Renew? The author hadn't thought of that. What a concept! Of course the answer was yes.
They won't be printing any copies, unless they do it on their office computer printer. So these won't be professionally put together booklets and they probably won't even print off the entire thing. It might be a couple of pages depending on what the patron needs. In many cases, the information won't be printed at all. And, they can't give any idea how many times the information would be accessed. So, that leaves the challenge of coming up with a price for one year's use, regardless of how many copies or how much of this material they print. If their database is available online, the price will go higher for the annual license.

This is a fabulous example of a client teaching an author how to sell to them. I have every confidence in the author to come up with a price that the client will accept. Imagine having a lot of renewable annual licenses out there for use of your PDF, MP3, or autoresponder series. No production on your part, leverage the same effort multiple times, and develop a revenue base for yourself.

Get the licensing package today if you don't already have it. It's a drop in the bucket for the return that's available on that investment. You'll find it at:

Until next time,
Paulette - who so appreciates stories like this

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At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Paulette said...

I can't imagine anyone wanting to do business with a company that doesn't understand enough online etiquette not to spam a blog! Please don't come back to my blog!!



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