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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Collaborations Bring Answers

Earlier this week I wrote about a colleague who was plagued with the feeling of having inadequate credentials. During a regular morning walk, the answer showed up in the form of creating a team with two colleagues who do have easily-recognizable credentials in related areas of expertise. It's a win for everyone. Problem basically solved.

The Collection of Experts booklets service I've been offering provides the same kind of solution, particularly in the realm of marketing. Some people enjoy marketing and do it easily. Others enjoy it and don't have time. Yet others don't like marketing or think they don't know how to market. Collaborating with 13 other people makes the marketing easy, effortless, and enjoyable. And if you bring me a group of 14 people, you get to participate at no cost to yourself. Click on www.CollectionOfExperts.com , see what it's about, and then let's talk about getting yours started today. I'll make this collaboration easier than you could imagine.

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