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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Promoting a 600,000 copy booklet deal

One of our booklet authors posted the following onto a discussion list yesterday. And it's not the first of this type of deal for this particular booklet author. What's your thoughts on the question?

I've got a deal in the works for my latest title with a large company
that wants to include it in it's product packaging. They need about
600,000 copies. They've already said yes, now it's just a matter of
formalities (them re-designing their packaging to alert consumers to
what's inside, Deciding on a time frame, etc.).

I really want to take advantage of this opportunity publicity wise,
but I'm a little overwhelmed as to what to do or how to start. Since
there is nothing signed yet and I don't have a check, I'm not quite
sure how to proceed. I want to be ready when the deal goes through
and things have firmed up.

I really need publicity ideas. I am sure the company I am dealing
with will probably want to do some publicity of their own, and they
have told me that they believe in giving credit where credit is due,
so I will probably be included in some of that publicity. They had
the option of pulling my name off the cover, but they are going to
leave it on. So, at the very least I would be promoted as an
author/expert through their packaging, but since they're marketing to
consumers and I market to businesses, I really need to do some of my
own publicity.

I just need a game plan and an idea of what to do when. I know about
press releases, newspapers, magazine articles, etc. But, right now
it's just a jumbled up mess in my head. If you had a deal like this
that could go through anytime from next week to sometime in January,
what would you do? Oh, and to complicate things a little further,
I'm not sure if this company will purchase all 600,000 copies at once,
in which case distribution would be over a one month period, or if
they will do it in spurts - through different distribution centers
across the country a little at time over a few months.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really want
to use the publicity to promote my company and my other products.

Until next time,
Paulette - delighted when clients surpass my own sales results

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