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Monday, June 02, 2008

Broaden Those Blinders

In case you missed me, last week I was in Los Angeles for most of the week, immersed in publishing, publishers, and publications from Tuesday until Saturday. Welcome to those of you I met for the first time. Go to the home page of tipsbooklets.com today to subscribe to my monthly ezine. This month's goes out tonight.

It was a pleasure meeting some people in the public workshop I presented Tuesday, people who have been clients and subscribers who I'd never before seen face to face. I usually offer one of these classes whenever I travel.

It's easy to come up with dozens of reasons NOT to go to a conference and a major, potentially overwhelming trade show, even though the show is the largest publishing show in North America, only two hours up the road from me this year, and even though I'm a non-traditional publisher. And the same is true for attending and participating in a conference where I've heard many of the speakers before.

However, it's also easy to come up with dozens of reasons why I'm grateful to have gone to both the conference and the trade show. I always learn from my speaker colleagues and this year was no different. Brian Jud of www.BookMarketingWorks.com always shares something about bulk sales or publicity or marketing that I just never knew before, even though we frequently exchange ideas throughout the year. Among the luncheon keynotes were some representatives from the US Department of Commerce, talking about their purpose in helping publishers do more business overseas. Who knew? I chatted with another colleague who put a completely different spin on an idea I've been developing. I'm not sure I fully agree with his perspective, though it's definitely worth considering.

BookExpoAmerica (the major trade show) provided some important connections for joint ventures and bulk booklet sales. I met new people and reconnected with some I'd already known. My body did scream at me for a couple days after walking the floor of that massive trade show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I'm fine now, thanks. (note to self: replace current tennis shoes).

Yes, it was time away from the office and my own bed and kitchen. Yes, it was getting up earlier than I tend to do. Yes, it was dealing with lots of people with a wide range of interests, personalities, and temperaments. And yes, it was worth every bit of it.

I've returned renewed, invigorated, with a handful of sales and prospects, and very pleased to have gone. Of course there's never a guarantee that each experience will be beneficial, much less in the ways you anticipate. What I do know is that broadening the blinders minimizes the chances of a really bad headache, literally or figuratively!

Until next time,
Paulette - delighted by the new experiences

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