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Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Clients, Old Clients, and In-Between Clients

One of the things frequently heard from new booklet authors is surprise over the business their booklet generates by going back to old clients. It can be easy to "write off" the people and companies who haven't done business with you in awhile. In fact, those are the very folks to contact when you have something new. The same is true for people who have never before bought from you. You may not have had the product or service that was what they needed at the right time.

It continues to amaze me how much after the fact people sign up for a workshop I'm presenting in their region. In the past few years, most of the attendees are people who have been clients or ezine subscribers of mine for years and years. It just wasn't the right time before that.

The same is true for people who have bought my home study kit. Years later they appear out of nowhere, wanting consulting services or suggestions about getting their booklet produced or are ready to look at licensing.

Yes, there are definitely people who jump in, hook, line, and sinker, and buy everything immediately, and get the job done. They are not in the majority, in my experience.

Stay in touch with your clients and prospects, even when they aren't buying today. They will surprise you, when you least expect it.

Until next time,
Paulette - happy that so many people know about and value booklets

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