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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who You Know Equals Booklet Sales

One of the more interesting ideas I like to explore with people is how to reach the right person when selling booklets and your other information products to corporations. Many booklet authors are public speakers or independent trainers. The department that hires them is often human resources or training or personnel. It is rarely the marketing or sales departments. It comes as a big surprise to many of these speakers and trainers to hear the suggestion about asking the people who hire them to make an introduction to the head of the marketing or sales department, which are frequently the departments who are the bulk product buyers of your booklets and other information product formats. These departments use your products as premiums or incentives to prompt more sales of their own products.

When you've got a good-to-excellent relationship established with someone in a department other than sales or marketing, simply ask them for an introduction to sales and marketing. It's so much easier to gain access (and make sales!) that way.

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