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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Booklets and Your Core Business

What's your core business and how do booklets fit into that? You may be a speaker, consultant, coach, or therapist, focusing on a particular niche or some related niches. The booklet serves as a marketing tool for you and can also be a direct source of income if you decide to sell it (in bulk, of course).

The booklet could be the beginning of shifting the balance of your business from primarily or solely a service-based business, exchanging time for money, to selling more products, to maybe ultimately being a completely product-based business or part product and part service.

Or you may have decided that booklets are your entire business, and that it works for you to create many different titles, either on similar topics or on completely unrelated topics.

There's no right answer other than whatever the right answer is for you. And what may be the right answer for you today changes and becomes a different right answer somewhere down the road. Just ask yourself the question periodically about what your core business is and how booklets fit into it. That'll keep you on track no matter what the answer.

Until next time,
Paulette - whose core business has morphed a few times



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