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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yes, You DO Have Contacts for Bulk Booklet Sales

During a client consultation this week, we explored where the booklet author would be marketing her newly published booklet for large-quantity sales. The client has had a private practice for a long time since leaving a corporate position. While we were on the phone together, she wrestled with what contacts she truly had. Then an email arrived from her last night. I have obviously changed the names of the specific organizations she has referenced. Otherwise, it's all her words.


Thanks for the consultation today. I must tell you that my head has been spinning all day since then, mostly in positive ways.
With the large-scale thinking you encouraged, I connected some dots. For example, I was employed for 14 years by XYZ Systems, owned by ABC Company. Eleven of those were as one of their Regional Department Heads for the southern tier of the state and Staff Supervisor of one of their facilities. I have good connections there and they would be a good prospect to explore, I would think.
I am already beginning my list for our next talk!


I suspect there will be no keeping her down now that she realizes she truly does have contacts after all, which is a Good Thing.

Until next time,
Paulette - who has yet to find a booklet author who has no contacts



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