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Friday, July 18, 2008

What Have Your Clients Said?

The success rates of some promotional campaigns are easy to measure. Others are not. "Get a free gift when you buy from this issue of our catalog, or sign up for our newsletter, or open a new account" are easy to measure. The numbers don't lie. The sales and marketing people have solid data on which to make future decisions such as buying more booklets or other formats of your product from you.

Years ago when the consumer mail order catalog company Lillian Vernon licensed my booklet for a promotional campaign, they were able to measure results very accurately. They shared with me the fact that they experienced a 13% sales increase that they tracked specifically to offering that booklet free, as a gift with any purchase in one specific edition of their catalog. They were so pleased with those results that they continued with similar offers each year for a number of years. Because it was early in my own booklet journey, I didn't have other products to sell them, so they went to other colleagues!

Ask your clients if they measure results from using your booklet. If so, request permission to use those quantified results as testimonials in your own sales and marketing efforts. There are prospective clients of yours who will be positively influenced to also buy from you because of other companies' results.

Until next time,
Paulette - appreciative that Lillian Vernon Catalog was willing to share their data

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