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Monday, July 07, 2008

Booklets and Only a Few Clients

Last week, Marcia Yudkin (yudkin.com) wrote in her weekly Marketing Minute newsletter about marketing ideas for service businesses who need only a few high-end clients per year. She brought to mind some booklet author clients I've known who have been in a similar position. One, in particular, was a divorce lawyer in a major US city. He was interested in increasing the caliber of the cases he served in his practice and was intrigued with the idea of a tips booklet. He knew it could be written faster and more easily than a whole book, and that people going through a divorce would find a booklet from him to be helpful.

He never intended to sell the booklet. Instead, his plan was to get the booklet into the hands of those who would be high-level referral sources for him -- judges, therapists, mediators. It turns out his plan was right on the mark. Within six months he doubled his practice and brought in much higher revenue per case, all from distributing his booklet to the key referral sources.

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