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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Flexibility of Booklet Authors

If you've gotten as far as even just thinking about writing a booklet much less actually doing one or more, you are way ahead of the game in general, and specifically in the current economy. Have you noticed who it is who is hurting and complaining right now? It's the "big boys." More and more small and micro businesses are among the many who are thriving. There's a very simple reason for that. We have the greatest flexibility of all. I've always tauted the fact that, as a solopreneur, I can wake up in the morning with a great and/or new idea (not all of which are great!) and have it implemented by noon if I choose. There's no layers of decision-making to go through other than the resident committee in my head.

Whatever momentary challenges may visit any of us micropreneurs are well offset by our constant ability to immediately introduce a new product, a new format of an old product, approach a new market, or revisit one we previously left behind. Big companies can't do that. The just simply can't.

Celebrate you choice in being a small business owner, regardless of your area of expertise or what your bank balance might be in this particular moment. You may have to do some trial runs until you determine your next best move. I promise it's much more available to you in a shorter period of time than for most people collecting a regular pay check in exchange for hours at a particular location operating under someone else's rules in the illusion of security.

Until next time,
Paulette - grateful as can be for the willingness to live an entrepreneur's life

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