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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Unsticking Yourself

Jill Konrath of www.SellingToBigCompanies.com gave what I view as a universally useful piece of guidance in her newsletter this week. It definitely applies to writing a booklet and to selling it, and to your (and my) business in general.

She suggested that a way to get unstuck in a situation is to ask yourself a question starting with the phrase "How can I...?" That could be
  • "How can I find more content for my booklet?"
  • "How can I sell more of my booklets?"
  • "How can I develop more connections for my business"
  • "How can I expand my product line?"
... or anything else that may be stumping you and your business at any given moment.

That technique seems to allow a flow to begin in the creative part of the mind and possibilities begin to present themselves. It's worked well for me since reading that. How can you use that approach for yourself?

Until next time,
Paulette - marveling at how many ideas have shown up this week

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